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Version 2.0.5 is ready

The following bugs are fixes in version 2.0.5:

ccm-sci-publications Module
Removing an author from a publication was not possible.
ccm-sci-personalpublications Module
Several bugs have been fixed which caused under some cirrumstances when displaying the publication list of a person. Some of these bugs where encountered after the creation of the version 2.0.4, but before this version was made publically available. Because of this bugs, version 2.0.4 has not been made publically available.
ccm-sci-types-project Module
The XML output now has a finished which can be used to distingush current and finished projects in the XSL templates.
ccm-cms Module:
If the autogenerated name of a content item was too long (more than 200 characters) an error occured. Now the name is truncated to fit into the size limit.