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Version 2.0.6 is ready

The version 2.0.6 fixes the following bugs:

  • The sort  key for asset authoring steps was ignored
  • The Series data was missing from the XML output of publication in the list model
  • The status of team member of SciProject was not included into the XML output
  • It was not possible to create a new contact for a organization from the ItemSearchWidget for contacts in the edit form

Also, the version 2.0.6 adds some authoring steps for managing publications. For now, these authoring steps are only providing a list of publications assigned to some content items. The steps will be extended with edit functionality, a paginator and other enhancements in the version 2.1.0. The preview of these steps has been included into the 2.0.6 version because our testers found these steps very helpful. The following authoring steps (asset steps) are now available:

Provides a list of all publications assigned to publisher
Provides a list of all publications assigned to a person
Lists all grey literature publications to which the organization is assigned. This step is not enabled by default. The enable this step, edit the using the com.arsdigita.cms.contenttypes.publications.attach_organization_publications_step_to parameter to define the which contenttypes this step should be assigned. Please refer to the admin manual for more details.
Displays a list with all organization items the person is assigned to

ScientificCMS 2.0.6 can be downloaded from the Download Area.