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Version 2.2.0 is available

The Version 2.2.0 contains several bug fixes and enhancements. Most of them are under the hood and not visible to the user.

 Two database upgrades are necessary:

  • ccm-cms from version 6.6.10 to 6.6.11
  • ccm-sci-publications from 6.6.6 to 6.6.7

Changes important for users:

  • Categories can now be moved in the content center.
  • There is new component for public sites: The SubSiteBanner adds the URL of the current sub site to XML output. This can for be used to display an individual header for each sub site but using the same theme. To use the SubsiteBanner the core.ui.default_layout property has to be modified to include the SubSiteBanner, for example like this core.ui.default_layout=top:com.arsdigita.ui.UserBanner,bottom:com.arsdigita.subsite.ui.SubSiteBanner,bottom:com.arsdigita.ui.DebugPanel