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Getting started


This document describes the installation procedure of ScientificCMS. This version assumes that you want to install ScientificCMS on a Unix/Linux system. We will provide an installation guide for Windows and MAC OS X soon.


  1. Check that your system meets the system requirements.
  2. Create the database. For PostgreSQL do the following on your database server:
    1. Create a database user for ScientificCMS:

      createuser -P scicms

      PostgreSQL will ask you severeal question, including the password for the new database user.

    2. Create a the database for ScientificCMS, owned by the user just created:

      createdb -E UNICODE -O scicms scicms
    3. Add support for the plpgsql language to the database:

      createlang plpgsql scicms

The next steps depend if your using the RPM or the WAR package.